Academic Advising

Normandale Academic Advisors group photo

The Advising & Counseling Department includes academic advisors and counselors, each with a different focus.

Academic advisors work with currently enrolled and returning students in the areas of academic planning, career development, and transfer concerns.

Counselors work with students with academic, career, and personal concerns.

Please contact our receptionist desk for office hours and appointment availability at 952-358-8261.


These services are available for currently enrolled and returning students. Prospective students should contact the Admissions Department.

Advising & Counseling appointments are typically 30 minutes and can be used for academic, career and/or personal issues. Advisors are available for academic or career issues, while counselors can address all three. Information shared is confidential. Please contact the Advising & Counseling receptionist (952-358-8261) to schedule an appointment.

Walk-in Service
Walk-in services are available in the Career and Academic Planning Center and are designed for quick questions and answers - usually 5-10 minutes. Walk-in hours are available here.

Crisis Assistance
Please visit the Advising & Counseling receptionist desk (C1032) for immediate assistance or call 911 in the event of an emergency. Please see the Personal Counseling link for additional information, phone numbers and agencies.