Career Planning

Career services

There are thousands of careers available to a person with a college degree. The challenge is to find career areas that will fit your interests, your skills, and your values. In order to find this type of fit you will need to:

This section provides information and tools to help in your on-going exploration.

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Assess yourself

Assessments for interests, skills, values and more. The Advising & Counseling Department offers a number of options to help students assess their needs and interests before pursuing a specific program or career.

Advising & Counseling Department services offered:

  • Individual Career Counseling - Call the Advising & Counseling Department to schedule a one-on-one appointment with a counselor to discuss whatever questions you may have regarding career planning.
  • Strong Interest Inventory and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - The Nath Advising Center administers these two assessments to help you identify your interests and understand better your personality type. Understanding your interests and style can improve your education/career planning, performance, and satisfaction. The cost of each instrument is $25. Pick up the registration form in the Nath Advising Center or print out a copy of the Career Assessment Services form and take it to the Billing and Payments Office. Call 952-358-8261 with questions.
  • Free or Low Cost Online Career Assessments - Many can be taken on your home computer at your convenience. Some require you to first come into the Nath Advising Center.
  • O*NET OnLine - occupational information network. Choose "Skills Search".
  • CAREERWise - A Minnesota State career and education resource.
  • TypeFocus - TypeFocus: personality assessment.
  • GPS LifePlan - This site focuses on five areas of College Student Development: Career, Education, Finance, Leadership and Personal. In each area, students are encouraged to assess their needs, set goals, and create plans to move them in the direction of achieving their goals.

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Learn about career information

One of the best resources for this information is the Nath Advising Center. Another good source is talking with a counselor or advisor. Any of the above resources listed under Assess Yourself can be useful sources of information about careers.

Majors and Related Careers

The key to choosing a major is to pick one that you enjoy, that way you'll like your classes and education experience at Normandale.

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Informational interviewing

Informational interviewing is a process in which you contact a person who is already working in an occupation that is of interest to you and ask if they will sit down with you to talk about their career and/or organization. There are a number of ways to do this and a number of questions you may ask; but really what you want to gather is information about an occupation from someone who is already doing that job.

For further information about informational interviews you can go to the following website. Job Hunters Bible - job hunting online with Richard Bolles and What Color is Your Parachute. Choose "Search for contacts".

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Make Sound Career Decisions

Making sound career decisions is based upon accurate, up-to-date, and sufficient information. An important part of this process is utilizing a decision making strategy that is thorough, well thought out, considers alternatives, and anticipates obstacles that may get in the way. 

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Possible Resources

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Further Education and Training

Don't forget that gathering information on further education and training is an important part of sound career decision making. For students who plan to pursue further education beyond Normandale, be sure the school you are transferring to is an accredited institution so that your degree and coursework will be recognized.

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