GPS LifePlan

Goals Plans Success

The GPS Life Plan is a holistic program that provides a structure for students to define their goals and establish plans to meet those goals. The program includes tools, activities, and resources to help students succeed in reaching their career, education and personal goals. GPS stands for "GOALS + PLANS = SUCCESS".

This program includes five sub-plans:

  1. Career Plan
  2. Education Plan
  3. Finance Plan
  4. Leadership Plan
  5. Personal Plan.

Students can interact with the GPS LifePlan, through a wide variety of online activities. This program can lead to increased student motivation, retention, and graduation rates. It helps students record and evaluate career pathways.

The E-Folio tool is integrated into this program to serve as a web-based receptacle where students can maintain and eventually showcase aspects of their plans.

Access the web site here: GPS LifePlan

Contact Information

Lavonne Evenson: 952-358-8257/ or

Chiharu Mikkelson:952-358-8852/