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Scholarship tips

  • A good time to start searching for private scholarship funds is in the winter.
  • Contact organizations to which you or your family belong, your employer, and your parents' employers to learn of any scholarship programs for employees and dependents.
  • Make sure you meet all eligibility criteria before you submit an application.
  • Complete the application in its entirety. Don't leave any item blank. Make a note on the application why it may not apply to you or indicate "Not Applicable".
  • Follow directions and provide everything that is requested.
  • Write a concise essay. Be as personal and specific as possible. Be creative.
  • Neatness counts. Make copies of the forms you receive and use them as working drafts. Once you have the final version, type it or print it neatly and legibly.
  • Keep track of deadlines.
  • Proofread the entire application before mailing it.
  • Make a copy of the entire application for your records.

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