How to Register

New students beginning Fall or Spring semester will register during their advising and registration event. For complete information about admissions and new student registration, visit the Admissions Office website.

Current and returning students/New students beginning in the Summer term:

Course Prerequisites: If you wish to register for a course with prerequisites, submit a Prerequisite Verification Form for registration permission.

The Records Office will assist students with questions about registration. Please note that federal and state laws limit the type of information we can release over the telephone or via e-mail.

When to Register

Currently enrolled and returning students

An early priority registration period is established each semester for our currently enrolled students and for those students who have attended Normandale in the past. This period begins in late March or early April for the summer and fall terms and in early November for the spring semester.

Registration ends the Friday before the beginning of the term.

Refer to the Drop and Withdrawal Deadlines section for further information.

Students recieve priority in registration according to the number of credits they have earned. See the registration guide or consult eServices for your registration dates.

New students

Students who are new to Normandale register during Advising and Registration sessions which are held April through August for fall semester, and November through January for spring semester.

You must be accepted to Normandale and have finished your course readiness assessments before you attend orientation.

Learn about the application process, then download and submit the application form, apply online, or call (952) 358-8210 for application materials. Refer to the following section for further information.

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Registration Changes/Drop and Withdrawal Deadlines

Each semester, the college establishes deadlines for adding, dropping and withdrawing from classes. Financial aid recipients should be aware that registration changes could significantly impact their financial aid eligibility.

Adding classes: During fall and spring semesters, students can add available classes through the fifth day of the semester. During the summer, students can add classes through the third day of the term. For classes that begin late, students can add one business day following the first class period.

Dropping classes: Students can drop classes through the fifth day of the term. For classes that begin late, students can drop one business day following the first class period.

Withdrawals: After the drop period ends, a student can withdraw from any course prior to the withdrawal deadline (approximately 80% of the length of the term). Withdrawal deadlines are published in the semester registration guide and in the academic calendar . Students should consult the Records Office for withdrawal deadlines for classes that do not meet for the full term.

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