Did You Know?

Normandale Community College stands on 90 acres of land (pictured below, circa 1971)

Normandale bird's-eye view

The college's first name in the planning stages was 'Southwest Metropolitan State Junior College'.  Then it was changed to 'Normandale State Junior College' before finally becoming 'Normandale Community College' in 1970

Old Normandale Picture

The red and gold school colors and lion symbol are taken from the escutcheon of the Province of Normandy

Escutcheon of Normandy

The first employee hired by the first school President, Dale Lorenz, was his personal secretary, Ethel Shields (below)

The first Dean of Students was John Hilborn

John Hilborn

The first registrar was Glenn Oster

Glenn Oster

The first officially enrolled student among 1,386 at Normandale was Drake Benson

The first day of classes at Normandale was Sept. 23, 1968

There is a time capsule within the college cornerstone rumored to contain copies of the first catalog, handbook, class schedule and staff roster of Normandale

One year after the college started, Normandale was already the largest Junior College in Minnesota with over 2500 students

Normandale became the first ever Minnesota Community College to win a Bowl Game in 1974 with an undefeated season

The Normandale baseball team beat Rochester 5-4 to win the State Championship in 1973