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Eligibility for a Campus Job

  • The first step in getting a job on campus is to have received an award letter that lists your student employment eligibility.
  • The amount listed on the award letter is the maximum that you may earn for the academic year. Due to having a limited amount of student employment funds, they are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. A student employment award is NOT a guarantee of employment.
  • Be sure that the results of the FAFSA and all other supporting documents are turned into the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office by April 1st of the preceding academic year.
  • If you received an award letter and were awarded student employment funds, you must pick up your Student Employment Authorization, W-4 and I-9 from the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office. These are the forms you will need to work on campus. In addition, you will need to authorize Direct Deposit through your e-services account.
  • You are also required to read the Student Employment Handbook available at Award Notification Information and also on the Student Employment@ Normandale website.

    Click on "Students" at the bottom of the page, and then "Normandale's Student Employment Handbook" on the right.

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Jobs on Campus

  • All available jobs on campus can be viewed and applied for online via the website, Student Employment @ Normandale.
  • Choose a job you wish to apply for and apply online at Student Employment @ Normandale. You will be contacted by the supervisor via email when they have received your online job application and are ready to set up an interview. Pick up your employment paperwork from the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office and bring it with you to the interview.
  • If hired, you and the supervisor must complete the required portions of the Student Employment Authorization.
  • You must bring the Student Employment Authorization, W-4, I-9 and originals of your social security card and drivers license (or other acceptable documentation as listed in Section C of the I-9) to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office. This must be done before actually performing any work at that job.
  • Any hours worked BEFORE receiving your timesheet from the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office will be considered volunteer hours.

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Being Paid

  • Student employment funds are available to be earned and are thus disbursed in the form of a paycheck.
  • Once you start working, you are paid for the hours you work, up to your awarded amount.
  • Payday is the second Friday following the Tuesday that timesheets are due.
  • All paychecks are direct deposited to your checking/savings account.

For more information about working on campus, contact Karen Kilzer, Student Employment Coordinator, at 952-358-8244 or send an email to

For information regarding off campus job opportunities, contact Job Services by email at or by phone at 952-358-8628.

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Student employee Supervisors

  • Approval of student employee hours worked must happen no later than 4 pm on the last Tuesday of the pay period. Supervisors must make certain that all student employees have correctly submitted their time before that date. Late e-time submission will cause processing delays and your student employees will not be paid in a timely manner.
  • To use the e-time module when you are OFF CAMPUS, go to
  • To use the e-time module when you are ON CAMPUS, go to your e-timesheets module and look at the supervisor view.

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