Refunds & Refund Appeals

Refund deadlines

If you cancel all classes, you may qualify for a refund or partial refund.

Refunds are granted for dropped evening and weekend classes according to the schedule below or for drops that occur within 24 hours of the first class meeting (whichever is later).

For summer terms and other classes that meet less than full semester, refund schedules are more strict. Please see the registration guide for more details.

Prior to the first day of the semester 100%
During first five days of the semester 100%
During the second week of the semester (total withdrawal only) 75%
During the third week of the semester (total withdrawal only) 50%
During the fourth week of the semester (total withdrawal only) 25%
After the fourth week (total withdrawal only) No refund

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Refund, Drop and Withdrawal Appeals

Refunds may be allowed, at the discretion of the college, under extenuating circumstances related to illness, personal matters, or employment. A refund appeal, available on the Official Forms page,and supporting documentation are required.

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Refund, Drop and Withdrawal Appeal Guide

BEFORE you appeal for a course drop, refund or withdrawal, review the guide below. A printable, pdf version of this Guide is available on our Official Forms page.

The appeal form is to be used to request an exception to MnSCU policies regarding deadlines for course drops, refunds and withdrawals. You must complete all steps and submit the signed form with appropriate documentation in order to be considered for an appeal.

You will receive all communication regarding the appeal, including any financial implications and the final decision, in your Normandale email account within 10 business days. It is important that you check your Normandale email during this time.

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There are three types of appeals:

  1. A late course drop with tuition and fee reversal or refund. A late drop means the class has been removed from your record and tuition and fee charges have been reversed after the last day to drop the course has passed.

    A drop appeal may be considered when you can document extenuating circumstances existed and you attended the course less than half the semester.
  2. A late course withdrawal changes your course grade to W after the withdrawal deadline has passed. The class remains on your record, but your GPA is not impacted.

    A withdrawal appeal may be considered when you can document extenuating circumstances existed and you attended less than 80% of the term (or length of the course).
  3. A course exchange is to drop a withdrawn class and apply the tuition and fees paid for that class to another class added in its place.

    To be considered, you must have already withdrawn from the class you no longer want, and you must have added the new class.

    If the class you add has fewer credits than the class from which you withdrew, you will be approved for the number of credits equal to the added class. The course exchange option may not be available for financial aid recipients.

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Your appeal must include -

  1. A typed statement that describes your situation; and
  2. The documentation required for your situation, as indicated below:

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Appeal due to student illness:

Your health care professional must provide the following information on medical facility letterhead:

  1. The dates you were unable to attend class due to a medical issue
  2. The name of the facility where you were treated
  3. The name and signature of your healthcare professional.

The illness should have prevented your attendance from all classes for at least two weeks. An appeal based on a pre-existing or recurring condition may not be approved.

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Appeal due to illness or death of immediate family member:

Appeals will be considered only for a spouse, child, sibling, parent, or other of whom you are the legal dependent or legal guardian (documentation of legal dependent or guardian status is required).

Your appeal must include:

  1. The dates you were unable to attend class,
  2. The identity of and your relationship to the person you were responsible for assisting,
  3. Official documentation of the person’s medical situation and a written statement that addresses why it was necessary for you to act as the primary care giver.

The circumstances should have prevented your attendance for a minimum of two weeks. If your situation required out of state or country travel, attach a copy of your travel itinerary prepared by the airline or travel agent.

If the appeal request is due to a death of an immediate family member, include a copy of the obituary or death certificate.

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Appeal due to college (Normandale) error:

Include an explanation of the error and supporting documentation. Without supporting documentation, your appeal will not be considered.

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Appeal for other reasons:

When appealing for other reasons make a clear case for your appeal and submit supporting documentation.

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Appeal Deadlines:

Submit your complete appeal to the Records Office by the appeal deadline. The results will be emailed to your Normandale email account within ten working days.

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Drop or refund appeal:

The deadline is the last business day of July for the academic year in which the course was taken.

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Withdrawal appeal:

The deadline is one calendar year after the semester in which the course was taken.

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Financial aid recipients:

If approval of your appeal results in an increase in the amount you owe to the College, information will be sent to your Normandale email account. You will be required to respond within 3 business days of the date the form was processed by the Financial Aid Office. If you fail to respond by email within that time period, the College will assume you do not wish to pursue the appeal, and the appeal will be terminated.

Appeals for course drops and/or refunds based on the following circumstances will not be considered:

  • Inability to pay
  • Disregard of/lack of knowledge of College’s drop, refund and withdrawal policies or deadlines
  • Failed online drop/withdrawal attempts
  • Dissatisfaction with the instructor, class or grade
  • Change in marital status
  • Taking a new job
  • A condition pre-dating the term start date
  • A recurring condition, when previously approved for a prior term
  • Work schedule change (unless a condition of maintaining existing employment; documentation on employer letterhead required)
  • Child care or transportation issues
  • Disregard or lack of understanding of course prerequisites or placement requirements

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